Se i repubblicani vincono i seggio che fu dei Kennedy

(The Daily Dish):

A reader writes:

If Brown wins, the House has to pass the Senate version. We all know how colossally stupid congressmen can be but they cannot be that colossally stupid that they would just dump a year’s worth of work on this and hand Republicans their biggest victory since Bush beat Kerry. There are enough smart people around that this can get passed.

Now if some of these Democrats don’t like the Senate version as much then hopefully that will give them the motivation to keep working on additions to the bill to fix it and make it better AFTER they pass it.

Here are another few possible advantages might come from a Brown win:

In 2012 the Democratic nominee from Massachusetts should be a LOT better and then the state will have itself a good Senator for a generation.

The Republicans will have a political orgasm like never before if they take Ted Kennedy’s seat. which will certainly feed their hubris like nothing else could. This hubris means little if it isn’t backed up by alternative proposals. Currently, they have none.

The Democrats will realize they need to stop screwing around and get their shit together. Losing Kennedy’s seat to a right winger will probably freak everyone out and make them think the world is ending but it should also get them to stop, look, listen and really figure out what they need to do to stay successful.

Long term a loss should help Democrats/Progressives. Like the campaign this could be a short term win for Republicans that could help Democrats concentrate on the long term.


Un pensiero su “Se i repubblicani vincono i seggio che fu dei Kennedy

  1. I have to agree the dems have to stand together and get it done. I am sick of this “let’s work together and get nothing done” approach.

    Check out


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