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Murdoch si contraddice (anzi, no)


Luca De Biase

on December 1, 2009 9:04 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0)

Murdoch si contraddice sempre su internet. Come si diceva. E lo fa notare Jeff con una bella lettura comparata di Murdoch 2005 e Murdoch 2009.

Il fatto è che Murdoch non è molto interessato alle dinamiche di internet. Ma al fatturato. Si dice che Murdoch abbia comprato MySpace sulla base della convinzione di avere un minimo garantito di raccolta pubblicitaria da Google (e allora sosteneva l’innovazione nella distribuzione di notizie online). Ma poi MySpace è andato a picco in confronto a Facebook. E Google ha chiuso il contratto che prevedeva il minimo garatito. Stranamente, solo allora Murdoch ha lanciato la sua crociata antiGoogle.

ps. ecco due passaggi via Jeff:

Murdoch 2005

We need to realize that the next generation of people accessing news and information, whether from newspapers or any other source, have a different set of expectations about the kind of news they will get, including when and how they will get it, where they will get it from, and who they will get it from….

The challenge, however, is to deliver that news in ways consumers want to receive it. Before we can apply our competitive advantages, we have to free our minds of our prejudices and predispositions, and start thinking like our newest consumers. In short, we have to answer this fundamental question: what do we – a bunch of digital immigrants — need to do to be relevant to the digital natives?

Murdoch 2009

How can it be that the Internet offered so much promise and so little profit? I guess a lot of newspaper people were taken in by the game-changing gospel of the internet age. It was a new dawn, we were told. A new epoch, a new paradigm. And we just didn’t get it.

Like an over-eager middle-aged dad, desperate to look cool, we ended up dancing obediently to other people’s tunes. For a while. You can almost hear the music – an algorithm and blues soundtrack – accompanying the harbingers of the new economy with the new rules of the new age. Their rules.

These digital visionaries tell people like me that we just don’t understand them. They talk about the wonders of the interconnected world, about the democratization of journalism. The news, they say, is viral now – that we should be grateful.




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